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Initiatives and university groups

Student initiatives

AK FahrradmobilitätHide

On 20 June 2018, the Working Group on Bicycle Mobility was founded in the Student Parliament. One task is to bring the patch station back into shape, as well as the establishment of a bicycle self-help workshop.

Simply register at: AK.Fahrrad@uni-bayreuth.de

Campus GemüseHide

The initiative "Campus Gemüse Bayreuth" sells fresh, regional vegetables from the Bayreuth prison. The stand with bags full of healthy vegetables can be found on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. in front of GW I. A bag should cost 3-4 euros, whereby you determine the price! 

On Facebook and Instagram, Campus Gemüse reveals which vegetables await you in the new week, gives tips on how to prepare as yet unknown vegetables and announces when the sale will take place.

oikos Bayreuth e. V.Hide
Kleidertauschparty von oikos Bayreuth im Glashaus

Oikos is the student organization for Sustainable Economics and Management.

As part of oikos International, we at oikos Bayreuth e.V. are a group of students from various disciplines who organize and carry out projects on the subject of sustainability.

Our goals: Raising awareness of opportunities and challenges in the field of sustainable management, and integrating sustainability issues into education, especially into higher education in economics.Oikos can also be found on
Facebook and Instagram!

An Oikos project, for example, was the Mobile Unigarten:

Until 2016, the Mobile Unigarten (MUG) stood at the canteen bus stop every spring to autumn. The raised beds were built by Oikos with the support of the ÖBG (advice as well as substrate and plant material) and stored on the ÖBG site during the winter. Oikos planted the beds and cared for them during the summer. All plants were signposted with name and use.

The raised beds were an eye-catcher next to the bus stop due to the colorful planting and the benches individually made of pallets. In July, a summer party organized by Oikos with samples of the harvest took place at the raised beds.

Studierende vom Papierpilz an der Universität Bayreuth

It happens faster than you think. One click, and the entire term paper is printed, even in the wrong font size. What now?

At Papierpilz Bayreuth, anyone can make a beautiful new college block out of one-sided misprinted paper and thus save the leaves from their certain "death" in the recycle bin! So everyone who feels like it designs their individual block in the shortest possible time and also does Mother Nature a favor.

We guarantee a lot of fun and a clear conscience for so much environmental awareness! On campus, you will find
paper mushroom collection points for recyclable paper on almost all printing devices  , which are easily accessible even during the lockdown.

From spring 2021, papier mushroom will once again be open to the public in the TransitionCafé.

More information can be found on transition-bayreuth.de/papierpilz or on Facebook.

Permakulturbeet im ÖBGHide
Permakulturbeet von Studierenden der Uni Bayreuth im ÖBG

The permaculture bed in the Ecological Botanical Garden (ÖBG) is planted, cared for and harvested by a group of students with a love of gardening. For years, the bed has been passed on from generation to generation among the students. The ÖBG provides an area in the crop garden and supports the students by providing garden tools, surplus early plants and horticultural know-how.

The principle of permaculture is based on the cultivation of the widest possible variety of vegetables and fruits in order to ensure a long-term, balanced use of the soil. On the permaculture bed, the students try out different methods and thus gain experience. The "slightly different" bed is recognizable by the different cultivation methods from the hill bed to a potato pyramid, stone walls and a herbal spiral to the polytunne. In addition, it is not planted here in rows and separately by species, but the different species are grown mixed.

The student group is always looking for new interested parties in order to be able to maintain and look after the bed in the future. If you are interested, you can contact us at permakultur.oebg@gmx.de.

Initiatives for sustainability in Bayreuth

Klimawald BayreuthHide

The concept of the Bayreuth Climate Forest proposes to equip our forests with diverse and future-oriented tree species in order to increase their resilience and maintain ecosystem services in the long term.

There are currently three major threats to German forests:

  1. Low biodiversity (still too many spruce-pine monocultures)
  2. Due to climate change, increasingly long and intensive dry periods.
  3. The speed of climate change exceeds the natural adaptability and speed of spread of trees.

The climate forest model is a holistic approach to dealing with these threats. :

  1. Thinning to reduce competition and water stress.
  2. Planting different tree species to spread the risk and increase resilience.
  3. Future-oriented species selection with regard to climate change scenarios.

All information about the climate forest and how you can get involved can be found on the Klimawald website.

Flickwerk BayreuthHide

The patchwork supports all cyclists with extensive tooling and experience in major and minor repairs. Here you can learn to repair damage to the bike yourself in order to be safe on the bike regardless of financial circumstances and in the long run.

More information and opening hours  can be found on the website of the TransitionHaus Bayreuth.

Summer in der City e.V.Hide

The young Bayreuth association "Summer in der City" is committed to an insect-friendly Bayreuth and more biodiversity. In various ways, the members want to integrate nature in the city, so that biodiversity is preserved and insect biomass can increase again.

Under the motto "We don't just talk, we tackle it", many students are active in projects such as .B Bayreuth's insect-friendly natural garden.

If you would like to participate and learn more, please contact us at: mail@summerindercity.de

Or take a look at the homepage: summerindercity.de.


Forum1.5 is a network for all those who are committed to a climate-friendly future in the Upper Franconia region. The aim of forum1.5 is to bring together as many actors as possible from all areas of society in order to work together on climate protection in Bayreuth and the Upper Franconia region. Central to forum1.5 are the semi-annual events, in spring and autumn (Wandelwoche). Behind forum1.5 is a research project of the Department of Urban and Regional Development at the University of Bayreuth funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection.

Together with the TransitionHaus, forum1.5 offers a common calendar for  all events and activities in the field of ecological and social change for the Bayreuth Change Initiatives.

More information can be found on forum1punkt5.de.


The TransitionHaus is a joint project of many people and initiatives in Bayreuth and is committed to a sustainable and solidary future and to shape social and ecological change. Thus, the goal was set to network existing and emerging initiatives, cultural events and sustainable consumption.

Together with forum1.5, the TransitionHaus offers a common calendar for all events and activities in the field of ecological-social change for the Bayreuth Change Initiatives.

More information can be found at transition-bayreuth.de.

Foodsharing BayreuthHide

Foodsharing is an initiative against food waste that was founded in Cologne in 2012. About a third of all globally produced food is not consumed, but disposed of by manufacturers, intermediaries and end consumers. In addition to the food that could be supplied to starving people worldwide, a lot of energy is also wasted through production, transport and storage. There are now more than 20,000 so-called foodsavers throughout Germany, which regularly master around a thousand pick-ups per day.

The local group Bayreuth exists since spring 2014 and currently has about 120 active members and nine company cooperations. In order to become a foodsaver yourself, you have to register for food sharing. After a short introduction, leftover food can then be saved in various participating companies in Bayreuth.

More information can be found on foodsharing.de or transition-bayreuth.de

Initiatives for sustainability in the area

Klein Eden Tropenhaus am RennsteigHide

In 2011, the Klein-Eden project started in Kleintettau (Franconian Forest, Kronach district). Industrial waste heat from Heinz-Glas is used to heat a greenhouse in order to produce tropical fears, such as mango, bananas and papaya, according to organic standards for the regional market. The ÖBG accompanies the project scientifically and investigates, among other things, how the yield and quality of fruits such as the "Lulo" can be improved.

More information can be found on www.tropenhaus-am-rennsteig.de

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