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Sustainability Award Winners

Year 2021

  • 1st place: Jonas Schwan (M.Sc. Polymer Science): "Electrodeposition of Cobalt-based Inorganic Materials: Development of an Electrochemical Flow Cell Setup for in-situ Analysis of Structural Dynamics via Small Angle X-Ray Scattering"

  • 2nd place: Joshua Pohle (B.Sc. Industrial Engineering): "Comparison of deep geothermal energy with different technologies for heat supply in the context of life cycle assessment"

  • 3rd place: Sarah Spreng (B.Sc Physics): "Investigation of adhesion between microplastic particles and cells using microfluidics"

Year 2020

  • 1st place: Carlos Weis Reyes (B.A. International Economy and Development): "Payments for Ecosystem Services for wild bees in Bayreuth - An analysis using the Contingent Valuation Method"

  • 2nd place: Frederik Wild (M.A. Philosophy & Economics): "The Effect of Women's Primary Schooling on Fertility in sub-Saharan Africa")

  • 3rd place: Anna Bertels and Luisa Altherr (M.Sc. Sport Economics): "Ecological Sustainability in Professional Football – Differentiated CO2 Assessment using the Example of TSG Hoffenheim"

Year 2019

  • Markus Klar (M.Sc. Mathematics): "Extensions of an approach to distributed predictive control of smart grids""

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