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Sustainability Strategy

"The sustainable development of our society is one of the most important tasks of our time. Universities have a central role to play here because of their educational and research mandate. The University of Bayreuth is taking on this task and the associated challenges. Sustainable action is a central component of our guidelines. Especially now, we would like to live up to our responsibility for present and future generations by implementing the university’s own sustainability strategy."
(Preamble of the Sustainability Strategy)

Already embodied in the "Structure and Development Plan 2025" and particularly motivated by the student assembly in summer 2019 with more than 1000 participants, the University of Bayreuth wants to integrate sustainability as a central guiding principle and thus serve as a source of inspiration and pioneer for society.

In order to be able to implement goals such as greenhouse gas neutrality by 2030 and effective resource conservation on campus, the development of an ambitious and binding sustainability strategy is of central importance. In autumn 2019 a first draft for this was jointly developed and presented to the university management by the Working Group for sustainability of the student parliament and GreenCampus. However, it is only intended to serve as an incentive for a university-wide, participatory process to develop a joint sustainability strategy. This process involved all interest groups at the University of Bayreuth and became more concrete by establishing a committee to jointly develop the sustainability strategy. The aim was to adopt an ambitious sustainability strategy which is to be supported and thus lived by all interest groups.

The most important goals are the integration of sustainable development in teaching and research, to strengthen the sustainable knowledge and awareness of the people attending the university, to create the sustainable development in regards to Third Mission with the community as well as implementing an environmental management system.

The Sustainability Strategy was approved by the Senate on January 13, 2021 and by the University Council on January 28, 2021.

Download Link (englisch): Sustainability Strategy University of Bayreuth
Download Link (german): Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie der Universität Bayreuth

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