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Become a tree sponsor!

As one of the most beautiful campus universities in Germany, our green campus is not only highly valued by our students and employees, but is also used by the citizens of Bayreu as a popular area for walking, jogging and lingering.

In the course of the sustainability strategy, our goal is to make our beautiful campus even greener and more livable. With #UBTrees, we are building on an already existing tradition on campus: In the past, various planting campaigns have already taken place on initiatives and donations from members of the university family, including e.B. the orchard meadow of Mr. Thomas Dabisch and the flowering plant beds of Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch. Under the name #UBTrees, we are now planning tree planting campaigns on the university campus at regular intervals. For the trees adapted to the locations and the changed climate conditions, planting and care sponsorships can be taken over.

Plant sponsorship

After the first, smaller planting campaign is completed in spring 2021, sponsors for 30 trees are  being sought for the next action in spring 2022.

5 good reasons for your sponsorship:

  1. Your personal favourite tree

Choose your favorite tree and enjoy the sight of it every day on the way to the lecture or to the office.

  1. Your personal price range

At #UBTrees there is something for every wallet. With only 50 € per year you can take over the follow-up care sponsorship for the tree of your choice. The assumption of plant sponsorships including care for the first year is possible from a donation of already 225 €.

  1. Your effective help

With your sponsorship, you make a small but valuable contribution to effectively counteracting climate change. At the same time, you support the University of Bayreuth in achieving its sustainability goals.

  1. Your visibility

By default, as a tree sponsor, you will be named on our website, and on the other hand, a small sign with your name will be placed next to your sponsor tree.

  1. Your individual sponsorship certificate

For the assumption of a plant sponsorship you will receive a high-quality sponsorship certificate with your name and mention of your godfather tree.

Our UBTrees

Important note: Prices are subject to change. The final prizes will be announced in spring 2022 before activating the donation form.

Liquidambar styr.

American Amber Tree

225 €

Quercus cerris

Austrian Oak

225 €

Acer campestre

Common maple

250 €

Sorbus torminalis

Wild service tree

250 €

Sorbus domestica

Service tree

275 €

Ginkgo biloba


300 €

Koelreutheria pan.

Varnish tree

300 €

Castanea sativa


325 €

Acer monspes.

Montpellier Maple

375 €

Acer opalus

Italian Maple


375 €

The prices listed here include all costs for procurement, planting and care in the first year. They also include the cost of a small sign with the name of the respective sponsor.

Nursing sponsorship

The follow-up care per year – regardless of the tree species – is 50 €. This includes watering, anchoring control and any necessary cutting measures. The nursing sponsorship is not automatically extended for another year, but a new application is required. The previous foster sponsors have a "right of first refusal" and will be contacted in good time before the end of the care sponsorship.

The activation of the donation form is expected to take place in spring 2022.

Webmaster: Yasmin Ana Laila Burkhardtsmaier

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